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Smart Repairs are becoming increasingly popular. This is because both energy prices rising and more cars are being damaged cosmetically rather than heavy accident damage (thanks to the latest tech in ADAS etc).

Here are some of our top picks for Smart Repairers to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Masking Materials

Masking Materials are probably the first things a SMART repairer needs to make sure they carry out a good repair. Masking is key to ensure a good clean local repair is carried out.

Masking Tape - A good quality tape that has good tack and can handle the odd splash of water and doesn't leave tacky residue behind is the INDASA Tape

Foam Tape - Foam tape is great for going off edge lines and for door shuts. Foam tape has been around for years and is still one of the most used types of foam tape even though there are loads of different variations and types of foam tapes now. We still think that the original foam edge works a treat and does what it is supposed to do. Take a look at the INDASA Foam Tape here.

Fast drying Clearcoat - A good fast drying clearcoat that holds its gloss even after being force dried is very beneficial to a SMART reparer.  Something like the MULTI-MIX HS2 Clearcoat would be ideal with the 10 minute bake hardener known as the Air Dry Plus Hardener. More info here on the clearcoat

Mini Sanding discs

Mini Sanding discs help keep the area being repaired as small as possible. The 3M 75mm sanding discs are common and great quality. Click the blue font above to find out more info.

Mini Air tools - Mini air tools help to keep repair area small and also if using air are usually low air consumption for use on smaller compressors which smart repairs are usually done from. Take a look at our range of small air tools for SMART repair here.

There are lots of different products on MYAUTOSTORE feel free to take a look at our full range of products and if you have any questions drop us a message or call us!


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