ProWorx is a leading producer of automotive crash repair body fillers. Our range is easy to apply, shape and sand, resulting in excellent contouring and perfect finishing time after time.

Our body filler range is developed to meet the ever-evolving and exacting standards of today’s professional in­dustry. These innovative formulas are designed to deliver consistent, high-quality results and dependability when it comes to automotive crash repair.

Carefully researched, engineered and manufactured to produce the ultimate in ease of shaping, sanding and all-around performance. Our range offers a comprehensive line of products to cover every type of crash repair scenario.

We aim to provide unmatched trust and reliability by means of constant product innovation and rigorous quality standards. This is driven by a dedication to the consistent investigation of the needs of both our customers and industry.

Our range of highly innovative body filler products means that no matter the crash repair scenario, we have the product you need for a flawless repair.